Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts for the week so far.

  1. Alexandra Hospital is a resort masquerading as a hospital! The peaceful old colonial building is a perfect place to recuperate.
  2. The cafeteria food is bad, though. Loads of measures to induce people to eat healthily - eg veg dishes are much cheaper than meat, grilled chicken cheaper than fried chicken, etc. Too healthy food is not delicious.
  3. Was poked in the face (almost in the eyes) by an Ah Por today. Think it was her way of saying hi.
  4. Sat through an hour long lecture on incontinence, a common problem in the elderly.
  5. Am impressed with the efforts of the geriatric ward staff (doctors, nurses, physio, speech therapists, etc) to provide hollistic care for our patients.
  6. Bought a used copy of Jules Verne's book Journey to the Center of the Earth for $2. Twenty Thousand Leages under the Sea is one of my favourite novels.
  7. According to the valued opinion of my friend Marky Ong, if I carry a kid's backpack...

    in omnia paratus says:
    u will look like a mother holding her son's bag for him
    in omnia paratus says:
    ppl go for the "stay-over-at-bf's-house" look
    in omnia paratus says:
    but i have nvr heard of a "hold-my-son's-bag" look

    Bah. How cute are these?


Blogger rachel said...

bean, those bagpack are so cute! i want to get a bagpack too cos i have chronic one sided shoulder ache from carrying a tote bag. the ones from alexander wang look tempting!

p.s: AH canteen food is better than XXH OT food.

12:10 AM  
Blogger nwxiang said...

hey bean, i disagree.. healthy food doesn't mean yucky food! AH food is just plain lousy la.. no excuses..haha.. anyway terence tang roxx right??

1:18 AM  
Blogger bean said...

Hey Rach!
Haha I went to search for the alexander wang one you said and it does look great! Soft-looking leather and very stylish too. Get it!!!

And Hi Weix
Dr Tang is great to us and he's like a fantastic geriatrician la. Unbeatable! Haha. AH food... OMG. Wenyang and I walked to Anchor Pt to eat KFC today... At least A Village has quite nice food!

11:18 PM  

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