Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Supper.

Kah Heng (very calmly, on seeing a frog hopping inside my house): Bean, is it a problem if there's a frog in your living room?

Me: Huh? What frog?

(Ensuing chaos in trying to guide the frog out of the house with a newspaper... resulting in the frog being propelled out by Rose.)

Kah Heng (reflecting): I thought it might have been your pet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

M5 starts on Monday.

I'm experiencing a fair bit of stress thinking about Monday. Got to get myself into the correct frame of mind to face the challenge of final year.

A reminder to myself from 8 months back.

Erm, perhaps should not be blogging too much as well. Better off reading Harrison's... or at very least, Examination Paeds!


Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance.

This anime film by Makoto Shinkai was just heartbreakingly beautiful. The story is told in three acts at different stages of the protagonists' lives. Takaki and Akari have been close friends since childhood but were seperated because of their families. However, they continue to keep in contact through letters and rare meetings. In the second act, Takaki is in high school and is the object of unrequited love by his classmate Kanae. In the third act, our characters are now adults and Takaki wonders if he will meet Akari again.

Possible spoilers ahead if you're intending to watch this.

This film poignantly displayed how much time and distance affect people and relationships. As children walking through the falling cherry blossom petals, Akari tells Takaki that the rate at which they are falling is 5cm per second. This to me is the premise of the story, as we see eventually that life changes pace for Takaki and that simple, innocent viewpoint can never be regained. The ending felt somewhat rushed and unsatisfying but on reflection, was quite a suitable coda to the story.

The art was stunning - the lovely swashes of colours, the meticulous rendering of details, the effective use of light and dark. Every frame was gorgeous.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have changed my blog image! After >1 year with the other. The new one features screencaps from My Neighbour Totoro, an exceeding cute and heartwarming film everyone should watch. Copied them off a Russian blog (can't find the address now) with a bit of editing. Thanks Russian blog!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't want to go to bed mad at you.

I love this song so much... Been listening to it on repeat since it was used for one of the dances on SYTYCD last week. Ne-yo - Mad, from Year of the Gentleman (2008).

So awesome. :) They captured the feeling of a couple fighting, yet still being deeply in love with each other.

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At the Science Centre.

For the Da Vinci exhibition. First photos with the N97.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I met Iggy Loo!

The prolific miniature bull terrier! Saw so many photos of him on Jean's facebook before I met him. Shauna and Maddie brought him over to my place yesterday. He has LIMITLESS energy. And the most adorable pointy non-pigmented nose and brown ear patch.

Thought I would post this photo from Huilin's birthday celebration last month. Because we all look so glowy and happy, thanks to Joachim's photography. Looking at this, I'm thinking of the past few years and how far we've grown as friends. I'm glad Marky is going to be in my M5 group.

And I have a new smartphone! Been trying out all the "for mobile" applications and feeling very connected everywhere I am. Haha. Now to put some medical ebooks in.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I am on my break!

  • I am finally on my break! Albeit only two weeks long. Starting NUH Paeds after.
  • As our posting ended, some of our favourite Ah-Pors were going home too. Ah-Por who previously poked and punched became much much better, more friendly and less confused. In the natural scheme of things, it was saddening to see another Ah-Por deteriorate.
  • Electives were good. I got to explore my interests and do some revision as well.
  • World of Goo gets impressively difficult from Chapter 3 onwards. Had to go find walkthroughs and cheats. Haha.
  • Happy to have more time with Mom now. Life in medicine is always going to be crazy, so little packets of time to rest and be with the ones we love are always treasured.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


  1. A happy sight today- two of my favourite grannies having dining table training opposite each other. It's this programme that allows them to eat at a proper table, a more natural environment compared to their hospital beds. The benefits are allowing them to feel more at home, more used to eating with other people and inducing them to eat more.
  2. Ah Por who previously poked me in the face subsequently became confused and tried to punch me.
  3. Jurong Point is perhaps the largest shopping centre in Singapore?
  4. I have new shoes!
  5. Wondering if the next class treasurer will be taking over the handling of the elective claims. Haha. :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Approaching The Final Lap!

Yadda. We are almost there, approaching the rolling tides and fierce undercurrents of the final MBBS.
March 2010 - the date to watch!
Two cups of coffee (brewed with my own coffee powder + hot water from AH's numerous and well-placed water coolers!) and I have too much energy tonight.