Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance.

This anime film by Makoto Shinkai was just heartbreakingly beautiful. The story is told in three acts at different stages of the protagonists' lives. Takaki and Akari have been close friends since childhood but were seperated because of their families. However, they continue to keep in contact through letters and rare meetings. In the second act, Takaki is in high school and is the object of unrequited love by his classmate Kanae. In the third act, our characters are now adults and Takaki wonders if he will meet Akari again.

Possible spoilers ahead if you're intending to watch this.

This film poignantly displayed how much time and distance affect people and relationships. As children walking through the falling cherry blossom petals, Akari tells Takaki that the rate at which they are falling is 5cm per second. This to me is the premise of the story, as we see eventually that life changes pace for Takaki and that simple, innocent viewpoint can never be regained. The ending felt somewhat rushed and unsatisfying but on reflection, was quite a suitable coda to the story.

The art was stunning - the lovely swashes of colours, the meticulous rendering of details, the effective use of light and dark. Every frame was gorgeous.




Anonymous Xi Wen said...

Hello, I watched this show! Love it, poignant indeed!

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