Saturday, June 06, 2009

I am on my break!

  • I am finally on my break! Albeit only two weeks long. Starting NUH Paeds after.
  • As our posting ended, some of our favourite Ah-Pors were going home too. Ah-Por who previously poked and punched became much much better, more friendly and less confused. In the natural scheme of things, it was saddening to see another Ah-Por deteriorate.
  • Electives were good. I got to explore my interests and do some revision as well.
  • World of Goo gets impressively difficult from Chapter 3 onwards. Had to go find walkthroughs and cheats. Haha.
  • Happy to have more time with Mom now. Life in medicine is always going to be crazy, so little packets of time to rest and be with the ones we love are always treasured.


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