Sunday, June 14, 2009

I met Iggy Loo!

The prolific miniature bull terrier! Saw so many photos of him on Jean's facebook before I met him. Shauna and Maddie brought him over to my place yesterday. He has LIMITLESS energy. And the most adorable pointy non-pigmented nose and brown ear patch.

Thought I would post this photo from Huilin's birthday celebration last month. Because we all look so glowy and happy, thanks to Joachim's photography. Looking at this, I'm thinking of the past few years and how far we've grown as friends. I'm glad Marky is going to be in my M5 group.

And I have a new smartphone! Been trying out all the "for mobile" applications and feeling very connected everywhere I am. Haha. Now to put some medical ebooks in.


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