Friday, September 25, 2009

I love you, always. Time is nothing.

Going to miss my Mommy so much. I find myself still talking to her and laughing about things I know she would find funny or comment about. I can imagine her commenting on the different wreaths. Mom liked lilies and when we had them at home the house would be filled with their gentle scent. She would probably say, the lotus designs on her coffin are nice. Mom loved simple, classic design. She would be happy to see all my friends coming to visit, and would be telling me to choose one of the boys again. She would be very specific on who would do or who wouldn't do though.
There are so many memories.
I'm thinking that I may have to wait fairly long (the rest of my life, depending on how long that is) to see her again, whilst she might not have to wait very long (since time ceases to exist after you pass on?). Looking forward to the day we meet again, when I feel her warm, enveloping embrace again. I'm comforted knowing she is happy with her own parents and my sister now.
And the line above from The Time Traveler's Wife. Time and death cannot change how much we love each other. I love her always.
Will write more when the time feels right.


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