Friday, June 18, 2010

A weekend in 2008, Mom in the distance before being diagnosed with leukaemia. A month or so later I would ask myself why I didn't notice how pale she had become. Remembering her cute blue backpack, the brown hat she wore to cover her hair loss. Remembering how much every day counted.
It was a horrible shock that Mom was diagnosed with a second malignancy after living for almost 1 year with a malignant, aggressive brain tumour. Looking back on those days, I wonder how we got through them. I think of what Mom must have been feeling... She was so brave in the face of death. She worried about us before herself. She was feisty, demanding food, scolding me in her own way even when she was aphasic. I understood her well, even when she was aphasic. :)
Thinking of a young man who faces the diagnosis of cancer, without a family's support... It will not be easy. My heart goes out to him today.

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Anonymous nat said...

hey beans, i miss you dear (:
and i miss her too..

happy father's day + 1/7 (:

3:58 PM  
Blogger bean said...

nat you still read this!

mom always thought of you fondly and she loved your visits... hugs dear!

hope you are holding up!!!

7:46 PM  

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