Monday, September 20, 2010


My thoughts go back to the examination rooms, NUH Clinic A on 4 Sept and Day Surg OT on 11 Sept. The cold, twisted feeling in my heart as I waited to be called. Relaxing, de-relaxing depending on the situation. Praying for a clear mind and calm heart. Going in not really knowing what to expect.
It's all over now. Grateful for all that I have right now and what I have achieved in the past few months. Including... learning to drive and MBBS. :) And grateful for the people who have come into my life along the way.
Yesterday would have been Mom's 59th birthday. She would be happy to receive my good news, I know. I still think of that quote from The Time Traveler's Wife... "I love you always. Time is nothing." The morning before she went into a coma, I told her that we would love each other forever, and that we would definitely meet again. Time is nothing, as love is timeless.
New challenges lie ahead, and I hope I am up for them.


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