Sunday, January 18, 2015

I wish I could be like the cool kids

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is the tea leaf dead?

Should thetealeaf be dead? It has been over three years since my last post. Who still reads this?

Recently I have been thinking that I still don't really know what I want. What do I expect from the past? A past I've already given up a few years ago. Did I expect it would come back easily?

Am I fooling myself yet again?

But somehow I feel like I will stupidly do something about it. And then perhaps regret it. :)

Across a city from you, I’m with you,
just as an August night
moony, inlet-warm, seabathed, I watched you sleep,
the scrubbed, sheenless wood of the dressing-table
cluttered with our brushes, books, vials in the moonlight - 
or a salt-mist orchard, lying at your side
watching red sunset through the screendoor of the cabin,
G minor Mozart on the tape-recorder,
falling asleep to the music of the sea.
This island of Manhattan is wide enough
for both of us, and narrow:
I can hear your breath tonight, I know how your face
lies upturned, the halflight tracing
your generous, delicate mouth
where grief and laughter sleep together.

-- Adrienne Rich, Twenty-One Love Poems